How to make friends with seasickness

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Let's find out why some yachtsmen are turning green while sailing and how to protect themselves from motion sickness - the main enemy of all those who rest on the water.

Let's start with the fact that we recognize him - the enemy - in person. As a rule, it is possible to determine who suffers from seasickness by various signs, among which color, mood and appetite lead - the depressed sick person changes shades more severely than the chameleon, and responds to the offer of dinner by strictly inversely proportional actions. In particularly difficult cases, the painful can take the form of an embryo in the cabin, drip saliva to the deck and ask for mercy from Poseidon.

Such behavior of one or several crew members, you know, greatly harms the general aura of romance, which pervades any yachting. But, fortunately, the concept of water recreation suggests not medieval ways of getting rid of the “weak link” and, with the proper approach, motion sickness can, if not escape, then prevent and reduce its influence to barely noticeable scales.

To do this, we will deal with the scientific point of view on the phenomenon and refer to the list of references - medical reference books and encyclopedias. They hint that the causes of seasickness - kinetosis - are still the subject of scientific research. With almost absolute certainty, scientists say only that the leading role in the occurrence of motion sickness belongs to the receptors of the vestibular apparatus. These receptors respond to changes in body movement and transmit signals about the strength and nature of these accelerations to the brain. Another cause of seasickness is the conflict between signals that enter the central nervous system from the vestibular apparatus and organs of vision. Roughly speaking, when the brain cannot add up to its usual form and analyze a bunch of information, which is used to being guided in other conditions, a crisis, stress and other derivatives of the disease being discussed begin.

The disease manifests itself not only at sea, but also during any movement - at least by train, at least by car, or at least on a swing. It became marine only due to the fact that it gained mass character, popularity and infallible recognition during the times of shipping development.

In order to experience motion sickness on yourself, you can take a ride on a land vehicle while reading a book or chained your eyes to the phone screen. Thus, by limiting the brain in obtaining information about the surrounding space and squeezing the work of the vestibular apparatus, a person can artificially cause the symptoms of kinetosis. Well, if even after a long experiment, the body reports to the brain, they say, everything is OK, no failures have been found - congratulations, your vestibular apparatus is well developed, and you have a direct road to the sea!

But if you feel nauseous, dizzy, or something like that - you are probably affected by the disease as much as others. Do not be afraid of this - the wolf is not so terrible as it is painted. All are prone to motion sickness, but to varying degrees - even experienced captains during long crossings no, no, and they will also go overboard for a while. And these sea-wolves know how to prevent similar body reactions.

Of course, we also know about all ways to reduce the torment on board and tell them to you. And you save this post to your favorites, and then it will be at hand, as long as the need to apply new knowledge happens.

Method number 1. Prophylactic.

Proceeding from the name - this is rather not a way, but a recommendation to any novice conqueror of the seas. The sooner, the better - start doing all kinds of rolls, turns, turns of the body, try to make a “wheel” a couple of times, smooth circular movements of the head with eyes closed. In general, any regular physical activity will contribute to the construction of high-quality defensive redoubts in front of diseases and ailments. Of course, it is desirable to exclude from the diet strong alcohol, fatty foods. It is necessary to give preference to the food that is quickly absorbed by the body. Do not forget about the most important vitamin C.

Method number 2. Lazy.

If you, despite the excellent health, still “covered” - go to sleep. Seriously, nothing is better than this method. If you manage to fall asleep - you can easily wake up a healthy and joyful person, and not a sad and sad mini-Shrek. If you manage to crawl to the cabin and settle down there - make sure that it is well ventilated. If the "off" happened somewhere in the cabin or deck area - crawl out to the cabin from there, there is nothing for healthy people to wallow under their feet.

Method number 3. Heroic.

If sleep does not go, and the forces have not completely left the body, try to replace sad thoughts with useful actions - wash the deck, transfer to the martyrs' cabin from the previous point, stand behind the steering wheel and look at one point on the horizon. Do something to not have enough time to feel sorry for yourself and dream about land.

Method number 4. Drug.

Powders with pills. For example, promethazine or drug dramina, or bonin, or siel. Or a dozen more titles that will give any search engine. To be honest, we do not really recommend using them, because they all have side effects, the most important of which is to block the entire central nervous system and, as a result, pronounced weakness, drowsiness and apathy.

Method number 5. Sticky.

Scopolamine patches or their analogues. Glue this behind the ear shortly before the release, but will work, even if seasickness has already begun. The difference from the pills is that the plaster acts only on the inner ear, which is responsible for the vestibular apparatus, and not “suppresses” the entire nervous system. If the transitions are long - you can change the patch every couple of days and glue it behind the other ear so as not to cause skin irritation.

Method number 6. Folk remedies.

There are always a lot of them - our case is no exception. First of all, we are interested in ginger: decoctions, teas and compotes based on it are our everything. Many believe that the best way has not yet been invented. Add mint to the tea with dope flowers, and that's it - you're great!

Method number 7. "Grandfather's magic."

One of the most popular methods of piercing the century is the swaddling of the abdomen with bottom-up bandages. To explain the effect from the point of view of medicine has not yet turned out, but presumably the effectiveness of the method is associated with numerous nerve centers located in the navel and solar plexus. Acupuncture is just as effective - the Chinese have long learned to find the right place on the left wrist and, by pressing on it, to facilitate the attacks of the disease. There is no 100% guarantee - at a minimum, you need to know where to press and with what force. But if you just massage the left wrist, you will surely find the right place, and then it’s a matter of practice.

Travel, friends, and do not be afraid of fleeting difficulties!

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