What to bring to the yacht

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The yacht is not rubber, so the baggage must be approached with great responsibility. But it is worth considering that you will have to take a lot of things “just in case”, because even the most favorable water area can be met by heavy rain or strong wind.

Necesser - alarm kit

Passport, medical insurance, credit card and, of course, cash in the currency of the country in which you are going. The beauty of a yachting holiday is in remoteness from civilization, and the local fisherman hardly owns a terminal for credit cards. There can be no talk about currency exchange offices either. Also, do not forget that “visa-free visa”, but when crossing the border, you can check the financial security. For example, for those who visit Greece, you need to have 50 euros per day, Spain - 70, and Croatia - 100.


Lightweight waterproof jacket - what the captain ordered. During high-speed transition the jacket will protect from sea splashes and from strong winds.

Fleece kengurushka

Warm things never hurt - forecasters suggest, and Poseidon has.

Yacht Shoes

In 1935, yachtsman Paul Spery invented special shoes that do not slip - topsiders. Also any shoes with a light or rubber sole will be suitable. The main condition - closed socks, so as not to damage the toes of an unexpected angle.

Not a superfluous pair of rubber crocs. They will be indispensable on the wild rocky beaches and in the showers of the marina. But the Vietnamese and other slaps, perhaps better left at home. Also, be sure to take comfortable shoes for walking (sneakers or something comfortable). The islands are quite hilly, and in order to conquer the summits, you need to be properly equipped.


Yachting is an active holiday, and men need to remember that they will have to help the captain to moor and set sails, so fingerless gloves will be very useful.


Warm seas are warm because the sun is working to the fullest here. For example, on the island of Hvar in Croatia there are 349 sunny days a year, which means that sunglasses (best with polarized lenses) are simply necessary.


Desirable - with a high protection factor. When the sun is reflected from the water, the tan is taken even faster, and there is a high risk of burning. If you didn’t manage to protect yourself from ultraviolet radiation, it’s not bad to have Panthenol or something similar with you.

Hat, cap

Without a hat on a cruise can not go. For reliability, light hats are better to take on the strings, so that some Meltemi or Challiho wind will not blow your hat.

Inverter - Current Converter

During the stay, you will have access to a 220-volt network, but at the time of going to sea - the voltage on the yacht is only 12 volts. Therefore, if there is a need for constant access to the network, it is better to take an inverter with you.

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