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Attracts tourists from all over the world to such an island country like Cuba, it is already unique in its location - on 4195 islands, washed by the waters of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Based on the territorial characteristics of this country, vacation on a yacht in Cuba is in high demand, since it allows you to see all of its most unique places and sights in a short period of time at almost any time of the year. For tourists who go sailing in Cuba, it will not be superfluous to take into account the fact that the islands of Trinidad and Cienfuegos, as well as the archipelagoes of Punta-Frances and Jardines de la Reina, are recognized as the best recreation areas. At the disposal of tourists about a dozen marinas and over 200 bays, equipped for yachts.

Attracts yachting in Cuba tourists and their safety. First of all, due to the tropical trade-wind climate, which is characterized by the presence of two weather seasons. The period from autumn to spring can be called the dry season, and from summer to autumn - rainy. But it is noteworthy that even in the coldest time, the temperature in Cuba does not fall below 22 ° with a plus sign in Celsius. That is why yachting in Cuba is possible all year round, even in the short rainy season, you will fully relax. In addition, yachts are characterized by an increased level of security and staffed by a professional team. In addition, the climate of Cuba is characterized by constant winds and slight ebbs and flows. And the Caribbean Sea, washing this island country, is characterized by the absence of strong currents, which contributes to the rare change of weather and safe swimming.

Attracts yachting in Cuba and the opportunity for a short period of time to visit many exotic places. In particular, visit the unique orchid reserve, crocodile nursery or cigar factory.

As for the ships that provide for yachting in Cuba, it can be both a motor and a sailing ship, equipped with everything necessary for a full and comfortable sea voyage. Depending on the lease term of the vessel, the price for it is formed; the longer the lease term, the lower it is. The average rental period of the yacht is about a week. It should also be noted that the rest on a yacht in Cuba does not have significant differences in terms of convenience and service from the traditional rest on the beach at the hotel. This is due primarily to the developed infrastructure. So almost the entire coast of Cuba is immaculately equipped for mooring, parking and repairing yachts, as well as for a bright and unforgettable pastime for vacationers. But the most important thing for lovers of yachting in Cuba is the opportunity to travel not only on a sailing yacht, but also on a catamaran.

In addition, Cuba is known for its international ports, which regularly hosts various competitions and regattas that attract tourists from all over the world. Only in this island country you can enjoy the views of the transparent azure sea, crystal clear beaches, incendiary Cuban melodies, hospitality and goodwill of the local population.

Going on vacation on a yacht in Cuba, you can not only visit the sights of ancient architecture and culture, but also see the unique sights created by nature itself. The islands of Cuba amaze travelers with the beauty of their landscapes, the rarest plants and animals. Yachting in Cuba will allow you to look into the historic town, where you can still visit the old castle, designed to protect against the attack of enemies. Las Tunas is rightly considered to be the real cultural center of Cuba, where they regularly hold various festivals dedicated to various types of art. Camaguey also attracts travelers, where the historical part of the city is preserved in almost perfect condition. Old Havana is not inferior to this city, the architecture of which is dominated by the colonial style. Another distinctive feature of this town is an almost impossible combination of ancient culture and modern dynamic rhythm of life. But it is Old Havana that is an example of the coexistence of several cultures and eras at once, and this amazes and delights at the same time.

However, this is not the most attractive for tourists. Going on vacation on a yacht in Cuba, you will have the opportunity not only to appreciate the beauty of the beaches, which are among the top three in the world, but also to stay in the corner of the beach line that you like most. Using the services of yachting, you can independently adjust how much time to spend on the shore, and how much at sea. So, you can enjoy plenty of peace, tranquility, cleanliness and chic landscapes of the island you like. In addition, the Varadero beach line will surprise sea travelers with the presence of karst caves.

Along the entire coast of Cuba stretches a whole network of corals, approximately 3000 km, which attracts diving enthusiasts from around the world. Indeed, only in Cuba you can see the most exotic representatives of the marine fauna, ranging from a few hundred fish to tens of thousands of crustaceans. It is noteworthy that not only experienced tourists, but also beginners will be able to go diving. As a rule, the team of the yacht has a diving instructor who will help you learn everything you need and, in consequence, appreciate the fascinating underwater world of the Caribbean Sea and coral coastal reefs. The Cuban golf courses have also gained world fame; most international competitions in this sport are held on Freedom Island.

If you wish, you can alternate yachting in Cuba with small walks, which are held in special nature reserves, which number about 300 throughout the country. Holidays on a yacht in Cuba will give you not only a lot of bright unforgettable impressions, but also help to improve your health, establish emotional balance, enjoying the underwater beauty, unique untouched nature.

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Timur Fedoryak,

Check in Greece

Finally, he gathered his courage and thoughts. I am quite an advanced traveler, but I tried yachting for the first time. And in short - it was worth it!!
<p>Finally, he gathered his courage and thoughts. I am quite an advanced traveler, but I tried yachting for the first time. And in short - it was worth it!! Especially in Greece, one of my favorite countries.</p> <p>I'll keep my emotions (they are amazing) - I just don't like to write a lot.</p> <p>But I can’t do without a list of thanks)</p> <p>Thanks to new friends for a very, very good company)) Thanks to Yarema and Zhanna - they know why))</p> <p>Thank you CHECK IN SEA for what I had)) Special thanks for the gifts and congratulations on my birthday))</p> <p>And you can’t just say thanks - to my wife Lyudmila for the incredible ability to find new opportunities to see the world)))</p>

Larisa Vorobey,

Check in Turkey

My husband and I visited many previously unknown places in Turkey, as these locations are unreachable for an ordinary tourist vacationing as part of a package tour!
<p>Thank you to your company for an active and unusual vacation for me!<br /> Captain Oleg Petrovych Tsypko is a master of his craft. 40 years of yachting experience!</p> <p>My husband and I visited many previously unknown places in Turkey, as these locations are unreachable for an ordinary tourist vacationing as part of a package tour!</p>

Denis Vladimirov,

Check in Greece

Will I go on a yacht again? Yes, definitely! It is unlikely that it will be Greece again, but only because other islands and countries are already beckoning me. I just got back from my first yacht tour, but I'm already looking forward to the next one
<p>On the islands of Greece</p> <p>with “Check in Sea” 03-11.07.2021</p> <p>A week ago, for the first time in my life, I stepped onto the gangway of a yacht. I boarded her as a "passenger", but as soon as the yacht left the marina, and, without noticing for me, my transformation from a "passenger" into a "crew member" began. I think that the same thing happened with other members of our team.</p> <p>Since all of us who were on board were different people, not familiar with each other, each with their own individual experience, employed in various industries, the first couple of days there was an adaptation or, in other words, “grinding”. Everyone was polite, sociable, but there was some stiffness and alertness. As we moved along the route, we studied and got to know each other closer, and already on the second or third day there was not a trace of these feelings left. This was facilitated not only by the competent leadership of the captain and the fact that each of the crew members turned out to be a wonderful and sociable person, but also by the superbly selected sequence of locations and impressions that we received on them. It was so much fun that we couldn't help but share our emotions with each other! It brought us closer.</p> <p>So, while crossing the islands, walking along the picturesque embankments of various cities, having dinner in a restaurant, evening gatherings with a guitar and a bottle of dry wine, riding ATVs, swimming in bays and “bungee riding” on the high seas, almost imperceptibly - a week has flown by.</p> <p>In addition to the impressions, I want to note the quality of food on board - it is beyond praise. Separately, I want to thank our stewardess Bogdana and captain Dmitry for this - guys, thank you very much!</p> <p>Do I know what yachting is? No, I don't have enough experience - it was my first outing. I know only one thing - it was a “door” through which I looked into this world, where the “magic” of impressions and rather “close” communication of different people produces a value of a higher order than the money spent. For this, many thanks to you guys, “by chance”, who ended up on board with me. Thank you - Sergey, Olya, Alena, Julia, Igor, Slava, Valeria, Bogdana, my wife Tatyana. Special thanks to the company "Check in Sea" and its Skipper - Dima.</p> <p>Will I go on a yacht again? Yes, definitely! It is unlikely that it will be Greece again, but only because other islands and countries are already beckoning me. I have just returned from my first yacht tour, but already I can't wait to look beyond the line where the water surface and the sky converge - after all, behind it are the Caribbean, Italy, Norway, Seychelles .... Mmmm, any of these names paints my imagination in bright colors and now I know for sure that, thanks to yachting, I will see them from an unusual angle and - I will not be disappointed!</p> <p>Seven feet under the keel!</p>

Yaroslav Rogozhkin,

Check in Turkey

The guys from Check in Sea make yachting not only diverse (many routes, seas and oceans!), but also an affordable form of recreation.
<p>After going on a yacht in Turkey this year, it is unlikely that I will go to all inclusive in the near future)) Because yachting is something special. There are many wonderful hotels, but not a single hotel will give you the unique sensations that a vacation on a yacht gives. This is a live communication with the Sea, unity with nature, the opportunity to visit many unique places that are simply inaccessible from the shore. Every day - new fascinating views and locations, constant movement, participation in the management of the yacht. Very bright, active and exciting holiday!</p> <p>On my own behalf, I would like to thank the Check in Sea company for the selection of the route, the excellent organization of the holiday, and the good training of the skippers. The guys from Check in Sea make yachting not only diverse (many routes, seas and oceans!), but also an affordable form of recreation.</p>
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